Professor Troels W. Kjaer


Name: Troels Wesenberg Kjær, MD, PhD,


Title: Professor at department of neurology Zealand University Hospital and department of clinical medicine, University of Copenhagen

















•MD, University of Copenhagen, 1992.

•PhD, University of Copenhagen, 1996

•Board certified Clinical Neurophysiologist, 2003

•Research Management Course, Copenhagen Business School.


Present appointments

•Chief Physician in charge of clinical neurophysiology, Zealand University Hospital, since 2014

•Clinical professor, Institute for Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Since 2016

•External associate professor, Department of Biomedicine, University of Copenhagen, Since 1999

•Associate professor, DIS, Danish Institute for Study Abroad, since 2003

•External examiner, Danish medical schools and a number of other graduate schools, since 2002

•Medical consultant DGM for the national board of health, since 2013


Selected previous positions

•Chief physician, Dept of Clinical Neurophysiology, Rigshospitalet, 2005-2014

•Head of research, Center of Neurophysiology, Zealand University Hospital Roskilde, since 2014

•Head of EEG research group, Dept of Clinical Neurophysiology, Rigshospitalet, 2001 - 2014.

•Researcher at the John F. Kennedy Institute, Glostrup 1996-2001

•Post. doc., NIH, USA, 1992-1994


Research supervision

•12 PhD- Degrees

•Supervision of at least 80 bachelor and master projects



•The Danish Research Council, Elsass Foundation, Den tværregionale forskningsfond Region Zealand, The Boemske Grant, Lundbeck Foundation, Carlsberg Foundation, Lennart Grams Legat, British Council, Wellcome Trust, Nordic Council, Danish Research Academy, Foundation of 17-12-81, Danish epilepsy Society, International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Gangsted Foundation, Linex fonden, Tipsmidler. Grosserer L.F.Foght Foundation, Hvass foundation, Dagmar Marshalls Foundation among others.




•President of Hjerneforum

•Secretary of the Danish Neurological Society

•Board member of Danish Epilepsy Society

•Member of advisory committee on Epilepsy Surgery, Danish Board of Health.

•Member of the committee at National Board of Health on “guidelines on the treatment of epilepsy”

•Assembly of Representatives in Danish Medical Association

•Member of the psychiatric complains board, Copenhagen


Other professional activities

Numerous popular presentations on brain issues



Pending: Brain-computer interface spelling system and method for evaluation of brain signal quality


Peer Reviewed publications (N=75)


Selected Publications:


Westhall E, Rossetti AO, van Rootselaar AF, Wesenberg Kjaer T, Horn J, Ullén S, Friberg H, Nielsen N, Rosén I, Åneman A, Erlinge D, Gasche Y,Hassager C, Hovdenes J, Kjaergaard J, Kuiper M, Pellis T, Stammet P, Wanscher M, Wetterslev J, Wise MP, Cronberg T; TTM-trial investigators. Standardized EEG interpretation accurately predicts prognosis after cardiac arrest. Neurology. 2016 Feb 10. pii: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000002462. [Epub ahead of print]


Westhall E, Rosen I, Rossetti AO, Van Rootselaar AF, Kjaer TW, Friberg H, Horn J, Nielsen N, Ullen S, Cronberg T. Interrater variability of EEG interpretation in comatose cardiac arrest patients. Clinical neurophysiology 2015


Westhall E, Rosen I, Rossetti AO, van Rootselaar AF, Kjaer T, Horn J, Ullen S, Friberg H, Nielsen N, Cronberg T. Electroencephalography (EEG) for neurological prognostication after cardiac arrest and targeted temperature management; rationale and study design. BMC neurology 2014


Soholm H, Kjaer TW, Kjaergaard J, Cronberg T, Bro-Jeppesen J, Lippert FK, Kober L, Wanscher M, Hassager C. Prognostic value of electroencephalography (EEG) after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in successfully resuscitated patients used in daily clinical practice. Resuscitation 2014


Rosenzweig I, Fogarasi A, Johnsen B, Alving J, Fabricius ME, Scherg M, Neufeld MY, Pressler R, Kjaer TW, van Emde Boas W, Beniczky S. Beyond the double banana: improved recognition of temporal lobe seizures in long-term EEG. J clin neurophys 2014


Moldovan M, Lange KH, Aachmann-Andersen NJ, Kjaer TW, Olsen NV, Krarup C. Transient impairment of the axolemma following regional anaesthesia by lidocaine in humans. The Journal of physiology 2014


Beniczky S, Polster T, Kjaer TW, Hjalgrim H. Detection of generalized tonic-clonic seizures by a wireless wrist accelerometer: a prospective, multicenter study. Epilepsia 2013


Duun-Henriksen J, Madsen RE, Remvig LS, Thomsen CE, Sorensen HB, Kjaer TW. Automatic detection of childhood absence epilepsy seizures: toward a monitoring device. Pediatr Neurol 2012


Duun-Henriksen J, Kjaer TW, Madsen RE, Remvig LS, Thomsen CE, Sorensen HB. Channel selection for automatic seizure detection. Clinical neurophysiology 2012


Lou HC, Nowak M, Kjaer TW. The mental self. Prog Brain Res. 2005;150:197-204. PubMed PMID: 16186024.


Lou HC, Luber B, Crupain M, Keenan JP, Nowak M, Kjaer TW, Sackeim HA, Lisanby SH. Parietal cortex and representation of the mental Self. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Apr 27;101(17):6827-32. PubMed PMID: 15096584. Pubmed Central PMCID: 404216.


Gawne TJ, Kjaer TW, Richmond BJ. Latency: another potential code for feature binding in striate cortex. J Neurophysiol. 1996 Aug;76(2):1356-60. PubMed PMID: 8871243.


Gawne TJ, Kjaer TW, Hertz JA, Richmond BJ. Adjacent visual cortical complex cells share about 20% of their stimulus-related information. Cereb Cortex. 1996 May-Jun;6(3):482-9. PubMed PMID: 8670673.


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